Towards sustainable development of social housing model in Serbia: Case study of Belgrade

  • Vladan Đokić University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urbanism, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Žaklina Gligorijević Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade, Strategic Planning Department, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Vesna Mila Čolić Damjanović University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia
Keywords: social housing, sustainability, general criteria, indicators, Belgrade


Social housing in Serbia has been experiencing drastic transformations over the last 25 years. Although new solutions have begun to develop, they are based predominantly on various types of local supported housing provisions, insufficient in terms of supply and deprived of crucial elements of long-term sustainability. The main hypothesis of this paper is that the national system of social housing should include systemic approach and that improvement of social housing in Serbia towards sustainable development could be achieved by implementation of general criteria and specific indicators of social, economic and environmental sustainability. This paper may contribute to systemic sustainability evaluation of social housing projects in Serbia and consequently propose improvements in regulations and decision-making process, at both national and local levels.


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